How do I know which OGL version I'm using?

I got a quick question about opengl. When doing development using the opengl api how do I know which version I’m using? (like am I using 1.1 that came w/ the os or latest 1.3?)

here’s basically how my system’s setup:

OS: WinXP w/ SP1
Compiler/IDE: Borland’s free 5.5 Compiler + SciTE
Video Card: GF4 Ti200 w/ Omega’s tweaked nVidia KX42.30a

If the glu.h, gl.h, glaux.h headers that comes w/ my compiler isn’t the latest then where can I download the latest ones for 1.3? Or is the header and lib files included w/ my compiler independent of those files?

eg. I can use the old glu*.h headers and I’ll be using 1.3 automatically as long as my video card drivers is using the 1.3 specs?

Would appreciate it if someone can help me clear this up.

Thanks a bunch

Look at the glGetVersion functions, which will return to you a version string.


Note: Window’s DLLs are still at 1.1. To use functions beyond 1.1, you need to get the entry points for these functions from the drivers using wlgGetProcAddress…