How do i get the maximum Antialiasing samples?

is there a parameter for glGetIntegerv to receive the maximum antialiasing samples for a video card ?

for example i can get the maximum anisotropic filter samples with
glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT, &maxAnisotropy);

If you mean the number of FSAA samples, no. Multisampling is a pixel format attribute, so it can not be queried from the GL core with glGet.

There may be an API to query the max samples from the window server level, but it will depend on your OS.

For example on OS X I can find out the maximum number of samples with
CGLDescribeRenderer(rend, i, kCGLRPMaxSamples, &value);


I believe you can get the implementation-dependent max samples using glGetIntegerv, and passing SAMPLES_ARB enum. Check the spec.

That gives you the number of samples that the pixel format was created with. It doesn’t tell you anything about the maximum number of samples the renderer supports.

Ok, i wasn’t sure if it was that or what the board was capable of.


ok thx for the OS X API, but i would need a win32 API for that, anybody ?