How do I get started?

Here is my background:

I’ve taken a few C++ and Java related classes in college and understand programming in C++ quite well. Now with that being said… Also note that I’ve tried setting up OpenGL many times before with failures all the times.

• For OpenGL to work properly I need to have a Frame correct?
• I prefer to make anything platform independent so which IDE should I use?
• Would using GTK+ suffice?

1st - OpenGL doesnt define where to render, its up to you. Common way is a window on your OS of course.
2nd - Any you want. Even Notepad is alright but lacks syntax highlighting.
3rd - GTK is cross platform and should do it.

Alright thanks :slight_smile:

What are the must have includes? I tried nehe tutorials and they always fail to compile. I have added the files into VS08 to be included and still they fail to compile. Basically which includes are a must have for 3D acceleration and for you to use OpenGL properly?


then optionally :
GL/glut.h or GL/glfw.h or SDL.h or the windows’ .h

“fail to compile” is very vague.
What messages do you get ?

From NeHe, avoid the projects depending on outdated glaux.h, otherwise it should work.

Look at the very bottom of the page, try various ported versions of the lesson 01, ie. SDL or game glut etc :