How do I get my programs to compile(MSVC 5.0)

How do I set up “Microsoft Visual C++” (version 5.0) to compile my OpenGL programs correctly?
Do I need to set up the project files in a specific manner?

Put these in a header:
#include <gl\gl.h>
#include <gl\glu.h>
#include <gl\glut.h>

Then under the Link tab in Settings:
opengl32.lib glut32.lib glu32.lib

Of course you’ll need to have these files in their respective header and lib directories and the dlls by the same name in your sys dir.

As far as the project, thats up to you. You could use a console app, win32 app or MFC.

If you are using MSVC (dunno what version you need, but it works in 6.0 at leats, and maybe it works in other environments aswell), all you have to do is to #include <gl/glut.h>. All headerfiles (windows.h, gl.h and glu.h) and all libraryfiles (opengl32.lib, glu32.lib, glut32.lib and winmm.lib (for sound and more)) will be automatically included in a proper way