How do I find my OpenGL version in XP?

I could probably find out if I took the time, but I figured it’ll be better to ask here so others know and I save myself the trouble.

Title is the question, here’s a little info relating to this.

64MB Nvidia GeForce4 MX420
ForceWare 56.72
Windows XP Home SP2 v.2096
DirectX 9.0b

You can access this info after you create a render context:

const char* vendor = (const char*)glGetString( GL_VENDOR );

const char* renderer = (const char*)glGetString( GL_RENDERER );

const char* version = (const char*)glGetString( GL_VERSION );

const char* extensions = (const char*)glGetString( GL_EXTENSIONS );

I’m no programmer or anything, all I want to find out is the version of OpenGL I have so I know if I need to update. Yes I could just update anyway, but I’m curious.

Isn’t there any simpler way such as a program that’ll tell me the version? If not, I guess I’ll need a ‘Render Contexts for Dummies’ book, or more realistically a site with a beginners guide.


It’s a always a good idea to update your video divers, if that’s what you mean. You don’t need to know the gl version, per se, unless you are simply curious. You can find this stuff in the display properties dialog -> [advanced] button.

So you’re saying OpenGL comes with or built into the video drivers unlike DirectX?
Yes I’m simply curious and no I can’t find the OpenGL info anywhere in Display Properties > Settings > Advanced, it seems they’ve hidden the OpenGL settings in the recent drivers.

Yes, OpenGL comes with XP. What kind of video card do you have?

Did you not see the info at the bottom of my first post? 64MB Nvidia GeForce4 MX420.

I already know OpenGL comes with XP, my question was if it comes with video drivers (Nvidia ForceWare in this case).

BTW, I see where I went wrong, I’m in the developers section, I should be in the one and only forum in ‘USERS - Gamers, Professional 3D Users, Consumers’.

Sorry pal, it’s been a long day. As far as I know, 56.72 is the latest driver release. You can always check for the latest.
All the nvidia cards I’ve ever had display the driver info in the advanced settings area. Do you have the nvTweak icon in you tray, you can always get that info through that. Alas, if all else fails, you could try a reinstall of your drivers, but I can’t imagine why you would need to do that.

I check for new drivers about twice a week, I’m really enjoying the ForceWare series cause nearly the entire Detonator series caused me the worst problems with DirectX games rendering them unplayable and sometime freezing, I had to use drivers down around 42.xx for about 2 years until ForceWare came out.

If nvTweak is the official Nvidia system tray icon then yes I have it, otherwise no if it’s a driver tweak program, might needa give it a try if so. I can get the info of the video driver but not OpenGL, and I’m sure a reinstall wouldn’t fix it.

That’s really strange, are you absolutely sure that in the display porperties -> settings -> advanced there is no Geforce tab somewhere among the others (monitor, adapter, … ) ?

Yeah the tab for the video card is there but what I’m looking for is the OpenGL stuff… I’m looking for the same thing I’ve been looking for this whole thread ya know.
Maybe you need to get some sleep, you’re missing a lot of stuff I’m saying. I should too but at least I’m still functioning properly after 27 hours.

The info you want is in that tab! jeez. Everything except the version, that is…

LOL isn’t the version the only info I want?


Ok, here’s a quick fix: If uyou have some games around, Quake3 would do nicely. Bring down the debug console and scroll up to the gfx init section. Somewhere in there is the gl info. Thre’s a console command for it, but I forget what it is, /gfxinfo I think. Unreal has a console too. I’m sure there’s a little app out there for this, but I don’t know it. I’m just so used to having it in my work I just don’t think about it…

Your question is actually a very good one. It is mighty odd that this info isn’t readily available
to the end user. If you email me, I’d be happy to send you a little program to give you this info.


After a little research, I found a little gem of a tool called GLInfo. You can get it here:

Just check this site…


Thanks, GLInfo gave me the version info. :slight_smile:

I saw the realtech one in a Google search, but the download didn’t exist. Delphi3d worked though.

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