How do I do this ???

Ok, I have a class that loads and renders .obj models.
A model are rendered through a display list.
Now my question :
Take e.g. that I define a cube that confines a couple of the vertices of one mesh (not all vertices !) Is there a way to select these vertices inside the box and do rotation on those only, and not to the entire mesh ???

Mail me if you have a solution to my problem…

Thank you,
Asshen Shugar

Yes, there is a way!
try glModelView(GL_SELECTION) - search up
this topic in the MSDN!!

No there is not a way because you cannot modify a display list

If you want to modify dynamically the coordinates of a mesh, the best way is using vertex arrays. They are faster than display lists, and modifying a coordinate of a vertex is as simply as modifying a field in an array.

Vertex arrays are not necessarily faster than display lists… depends on the size of lists/arrays and also on the used hardware.
You’re right with being dynamic though display lists can’t be modified once generated.