how do i animate a walking robot

i drew the robot, i can move his thighs or only its legs, but how from here do i make him walk?

The NVSDK contains some good example code using GLSL.

This is code from nvidia, but at first sight there should not be to much of a problem to get it running on Ati based graphics cards if you have one.

You can find the demo at



If your hardware doesn’t support GLSL, you can try the animation demo from ATI which uses vertex blending.


I think the original author meant “classic animation” not really skeletal and all this tech background…

you would do the animation in an external app (like 3dsmax, gmax, maya ple…). then export the motion data along or separate with the model, read that back into your app, and evaluate objects positions based on time.

likely the easiest way would be looking into .md3 (quake 3 model format) there should be plenty samples out there that show how to load the file and play its animations.
then you could use gmax (free) which can export md3 to create your walking robot.
mind so animation is a whole new topic, and learning a 3d app to do it, as well.