How did you start to learn opengl ?

Help me,I dont know where and how to start learning Opengl.
I already know C/C++.



Try to get some OpenGL books. I’m suggest you try to get the red book as your reference book. Try the website as below to get some simple example to get know of OpenGL. It has some useful link to OpenGL website. Hope it can help.

I started with the redbook to, I think it s really good
I will take a look at nehe to she the code for shadows, particles and things like that. But I prefer to learn the basic from the book.

First off, get the OpenGL Programming Guide, aka the Red Book. As of December 3rd, the 4th edition has come out, which covers up to OGL v1.4 I think. It’s quite simply the best book on OpenGL you’ll ever find.

Also, check out NeHe’s tutorials, as starman said. That guy NeHe has some amazing stuff on his site, DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Beyond that, just practice, practice, practice! Make stupid little programs that seem to do nothing, just to learn the concepts and contructs of OpenGL.

One of my first OGL programs was a very basic scale-model solar system I did. Had Sol in the center with the 9 planets orbiting (at accurate speeds relative to each other, I might add ) and Earth even had the moon orbitting. Pretty nifty stuff, and very easy to do.

try they have excelent opengl tutorials from basics to advanced. like everyone else said i would have to go with the red book for the basics though. I have compiled all tutorials from and all compiled perfectly on vc++ 6 ( i had to get a project converter for vc++ 7 to vc++ 6, if you can’t find it i can mail it to you no prob )