How create a grid floor as reference with python?

hi in c++ and opengl

has a code that let me draws a grid like this.

void DrawGround(void)
GLfloat fExtent = 20.0f;
GLfloat fStep = 1.0f;
GLfloat y = -0.4f;
GLint iLine;

 for(iLine = -fExtent; iLine <= fExtent; iLine += fStep)
        glVertex3f(iLine, y, fExtent);
        glVertex3f(iLine, y, -fExtent);

        glVertex3f(fExtent, y, iLine);
        glVertex3f(-fExtent, y, iLine);



i want convert to python the only what i left is the for loop
i don’t understand how it works for python

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