How could I let a NURBS curve go through all its' cotrol points?

How could I let a NURBS curve go through all its’ cotrol points?

When we render a NURBS curve with a group of control points,as you know,these control points just on the sides of the curve.
Now I want to know,is there any methor to let all the points fix on the curve?Not just near by.

no, there isn’t. Nurbs never pass at any control point but the first and the last if I remember well. Just draw lines or triangles if you want your faces to pass at all of your points.

You can try to offset the 2 control points, some delta value in the direction of the normal at the points p1,p2 on the curve corresponding(closest) to control points. Should work in some cases.

I think you could make each knot a triple knot, that is for each control point you insert three copies of it.

But in your case I think you’d be better of using hermite splines or catmull rom splines.