how can import .flt file in opengl


I would be very thankful if someone will tell me , how I can import the .flt file into opengl.

Is a direct import possible?,or do I have to convert this .flt to opengl code with some converter?


You have basically two options…

  1. Convert the .flt model to opengl commands. This can be quite tricky as there are lots of aspects to consider to get a good performance out of the .flt model

  2. Use a third part tool/engine to import the .flt into the engine that you can control.

My profession is to write such an engine ( and to help people using it to write extensive 3d apps that uses .flt models for real world visalisation etc…


Thank you very much for the reply. I have worked on third party engines like Multigen Vega,OpenGVS,Spacemagic were I have successfully impleted and completed several projects.I am going through yoiur site also.

Now I want to develop an app purely on OpenGL whcih I should be able to run on windows and linux. I have several models in .flt formats, whcih I want to make use of.

Please guid me for this.