How can I use OpenGL in compaq visual fortran

I know a software f90gl written by William F. Mitchell, there are also some examples given, but I don’t know where to find these functions and subroutines’ help documents, who can tell me?

Have you tried searching for f90gl at

I have got the software, but I can’t found any help documents about it, could you tell me where can I get it, thanks.

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Have you tried searching for f90gl at

The documentation on OpenGL with Fortran is limited, but it is out there.

General OpenGL references (C++)-
Redbook in pdf form-

Redbook Examples

NeHe Fortran Examples-

The first of the tutorials have been ported to Fortran by Jean-Philippe Perois.

You can check out his site as well.

The only thing you really have to do to the compiler at build time is set the link libraries to include f90gl.lib f90glu.lib and f90glaux.lib (those names might not be exactly right, but it sounds like you have the files) Also make sure to put all the .mod files in the include directory and the .lib files in the library file.

Enough babbling.

thanks, if I have any question latter, I will go here again.
PS., I want use it to plot the meshes (points, lines and facets) used in FEM, how would I do to make my program plot and display quickly? thanks.

In the red book look under the sections that discuss vertex arrays and display lists. Those are the types of things that speed up the display process.

thanks again!