How can I use opengl 1.2 encl. in display driver

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Thanks for help.

Unfortunately, as you could see, dell doesnt support XP or windows 7. I wont buy another dell ever again in my lfe, bud for now… I have this one.

Unfortunately, dell comunity forums doesnt discuss any particular problem like opengl. In order to get better results for my game, I tryed almost all the drivers I find.

Now I have a driver with good opengl results, bud I dont know how to switch to the opengl version that gives best fps. opengl version 3.3 opengl version 1.2

Please help me understand.

Isn’t that an artefact of this tool ? I mean, for each GL version, it should use features no present in previous ones, so not surprising fps would be lower when more rendering features are used ?
The equivalent of selecting GL version, is to reduce graphic quality in your game.

You did not mention which one of the ET games you play.
Try one of theses for higher FPS ingame :

Yes, now I understand, indeed that tool lowers the graphics on low versions. It means I must start to learn wich settings to lower in the game to get the game on opengl version 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.4

I must find a way to do this in a scientific way, because there are a lot of render settings. (about 140)

Thank you so much, your help was significant.

I know very well to make configs for my game, I know almost everything about this game, I know almost alt the cvars used in the game.

I dont know opengl, and I must start to learn how does it use opengl extensions, and which render setting correspond with an opengl extension.

The seccond link is about another game, not et. Is etqw (quake wars) which have another kind of engine.