How can i use H/W Accelerator?

In my underatanding, Vicents has a special routine which designed to use JIT Accelerator in ARM Platform.
but, In my case, After finnishing FB Device Driver, i am gonna extend this sources to use H/W accelerator like ATI Rage pro which have 3D accelerator register.
then, i wanna know that FunctionCache is only that part to extend a function like Vertex relevent function or scanline function.

if i make New function cache, the New function cache will be blonged under Raterlizer part, doesn’t it ?


I would even consider to replace the whole implementation of the Rasterizer class. This class currently receives transformed and lit primitives as input.

If your hardware covers even more (i.e. it supports arrays and buffers and does transformation and lightning as well), then you might equally start from scratch.

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I have migrated your sources on ARGB8 bit Platform successfully. thanks for your comments.

If you re-design the Rasterizer to support H/W accelerator well, when can you finish the adaptation, if you need much time, i have to modify the Rasterizer or ContextRender to use H/W Accelerator.

In my understanding ConetextRender Class is top of Drawing Operation.

SeongNam. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Rasterizer class more or less abstracts a “virtual graphics chip”. So, in order to hook up your hardware rasterizer, you’d simply delete the current content of Rasterizer.cpp and replace it by whatever is needed to map the Set…, Prepare… Raster… and Finish… calls onto your hardware. Of course, you only have to recreate the public interface.

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I have tested all of rebook sample code in my platform. but i have some problem. espacially, Light relevent action is not working.

  • alpha3d, light, scen is not showing.
  • movelight display only centering qubic.
  • colormat doesn’t have gray level
  • fog dosen’t have 3 dimension, i show only differenct gray color
  • material have have lightening effect, but it has some red scratched line in ball.
  • mipmap display only yellow triangle.
  • polyoff display only un-continues polygon lines.

i need your helf to solve this problem.

because material is working, light function is working. somthings are not working.

eventually, sphere function is not working except material.

the others are working well and i fixed foregroud color and background color problem.
in my understanding, lightening or 3 dimensional effect is also color relevent problem ?

SeongNam. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Can you send me those samples? The code as printed in the book needs quite some adjustment to work properly on ES.

Did you create an equivalent of GLUT?

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PS: Please use the Support Request Page on the project homepage for any further support request. There is a place where you can upload attachments like code fragments or images. Thx.

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Now, i have loaded full source code and smaple code on sourceforge website.

please check whether sample code have some problem or core engine have some problem.

if you have linux machine, change lilo.conf file to support VGA 1024x768 resolution.
just Adding “vga=792” is enough for that.
and type “lilo” on prompt with administrator priority.

if you have successful changing, you can see a small penguin on left-top screen in booting time.


I have used RedBook Sample sources in GLESonGL project.
I thought that the sample sources can be run on your engine. because GLESonGL is a reference to make new Engine.

SeongNam. :wink: :wink: :wink: has full, open source code for ATI Rage/128/Radeon acceleration. mesa may be too large for your application since it is a full OpenGL implementation but it should provide you with plenty of sample code.

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