how can i texturing the GLUquadricObject

hai friends
i need help to how i can texturing the the GLUquadricObj
please help me to create the texture object from GLUquadricObj.

GLUquadricObj *obj;

this is my quadric object how i can texture this cylinder

i need help to this

hai Zengar
thank you very much but i need sample program.
how to apply the texture for GLUquadricObj .

example code


Well, you posted in the advanced forum so I assumed that you at least know how to use google… Sorry for being wrong

sorry Zengar i dont know how to read google so only i am asking you. i thought this is advance topic. ok now i realised where i was . thank you friend i will post in beginer level. i couldnt understand texturing to gluCylinder(). please guide me.

thank you Nico