How can I run OpenGL with Builder C++ ??

Help me???
I want to know how can I run an OpenGL window from an application Win32 of Borland Builder C++
Le Bayonnais

  1. Create a new form for displaying OpenGL output.
  2. Retrieve the HDC of that form by using
    HWND hwnd=FormX->Handle;
    HDC dc=GetDC(hwnd);
  3. Fill out a PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR-struct.
  4. int i=ChoosePixelFormat(dc,&pfd);
  5. SetPixelFormat(dc,i,&pfd);
  6. HGLRC glrc=wglCreateContext(dc);
  7. wglMakeCurrent(dc,glrc);
    Now you are ready to render your polygons…
  8. When terminating call the following
    functions to free the stuff you allocated

By the way: instead of using a form you may
use ANY visible object that has an HWND Handle property.
Hope it helped…

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This tutorial on the Borland Community site explains how to set up OpenGL drawing on a VCL form.,1410,10528,00.html