How can I read the 3D Max file??? Thanks

I want to use some model which is maked by 3D Max. But I don’t know how to read the files. please help me.

You cant.

You must convert the model to a readable format, such a .3ds or dxf.


If the models are in .3DS format, there are a number of libraries which can decode and display the meshes.

Check out lib3ds or Display3DS for a start.


Here is a link that describes the 3ds format. I think it even has some code too.


There’s even an official 3ds doc which describes all chunks. But 3ds sucks, since it uses max’s internal representation of geometry and it’s not really suitable for hardware rendering. The best thing I’ve found so far is flexporter, you can write a plugin for flexporter in a day and it has mesh consolidation code built-in, so you can export clean hardware-friendly meshes from 3dsmax. And you don’t even need the MAX plugin SDK to do that (it’s a bit messy IMHO)
use google to find flexporter.


check out

they have links to allsorts of file formats,

some are just links, but some are actual docs.


To my surprise, my topic was replied so quickly. Thank you all. Wish you happy.

If you want to make a game using 3d max model you

cannot read .max file But yu had to read it as

one of the famous standard graphics extension .the

most famous one is .3ds (3 d studio file ) about

how to read it


there you will find 3ds file loader

in its tutorial .

have good luck .

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well if you want to wait Day or 2, I will finally finish my 3DS exporter … Its basically a program that read .3DS file, and saves vertices and faces into the .txt file …

For now I will only allow to load regular 3D mesh without animation and no texture coord… Later I will add animation info and text…

Im practically done, but im still deciding on the general layout/design of the program…

I think that the easiest way would be probably by exporting in to .obj . It can export in to obj righ? .obj’s are pleantiful and you’ll be able to find a lot of code on loading them and stuff on web. Use Maya 4.0, it’s the bomb.