How Can I Get to Know Wheather my app use HW accelerate or not?

thank for your guide and sorry for my poor english.

I do not know if my app use hardware accelerating correctly,Is there any flag to detect?

You can get the renderer name, if it is MS, then it is software mode…

some code:
hdc = wglGetCurrentDC();
hglrc = wglCreateContext (hdc); // create a rendering context
wglMakeCurrent (hdc, hglrc); // make it the calling thread’s current rendering context
Hope that helps a bit.

thank you so much,why can’t i find the way by self?this is a question.

thank your help again.

In the flags section of the Pixel Format Descriptor given by windows, there are two flags that you can use to find out if it is accelerated. If neither of PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED or PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT is set, then it is fully accelerated (ICD). If only GPD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED is set, then it is partialy accelerated (MCD). Anything else, and it is software.