How can I get the the openGLES lib of ARM v7A version (without GPU)?

Hi guys,
I need to develop GUI on the ARM cortex A7 Mp core platform, which does not integrate any GPU core.Is it possilble to port the openGLES lib to ARM V7A processor?

OpenGL is not software.

OpenGL is provided by your GPU vendor in their graphics driver. It is not software.

While software OpenGL implementations exist, it would be better to use whatever display capabilities your chipset provides directly, rather than trying to use software rasterization just for a UI.

If you’re implementing a GUI on a platform which lacks any kind of hardware support for OpenGL, you should use a different rendering API. OpenGL isn’t even a particularly good choice for a GUI, more so if it lacks hardware support. Any OpenGL implementation has to support projective mapping (perspective projection), which is a significant obstacle for something which most GUIs don’t actually use.

The OpenGL ES library by itself is just an interface to the graphics driver, so porting that isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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