How can I fade?

ok, this will sound kind of idiotic, but:
how can I fade to black? or from wihte to the scene?

Easiest way would be to simply draw an alpha blended quad over the full scene and vary the alpha value with time. Use a black quad and increase alpha with time to fade to black. Use a white quad and decrease alpha with time to fade from white.

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isn’t that kind of slow?
I was thinking something like changing the RGB mask of the window we where drawing to…

If you draw the quad over the scene with multitexturing you should not loose any time at all.Without multitexturing you´ll need the time for the additional pass(makes no real difference,if you only draw ONE quad).But does speed matter in this case?
If you use it to fade in a new level of a game or something you don´t need max framerate in this timeframe,I think.


If you have lighting enabled, there’s another
nice (?) way to fade to black…just slide down the intensity of the light sources and the ambient light.