How can I draw a sphere cap?

I am a new guy here,and I have lots of problems,here is one of them.Is there some kind people can help me?

Post what you got so far (code) so we can help you :wink:

Tell us exactly what you need!

Thank you for your reply.I want to draw several primitives,including cylinder,cone and spherical cap,and to add texture to them.Cylinder and cone is ok,but I can’t draw spherical cap.It’s hard to me now.What I want to know is whether there is some function to draw spherical cap.It is better to add texture easily.
What do you think of it?I am anxious of you.

PS:my english is not good,please excuse me.

Well one way and a relatively easy way would be to use a Modeling package such as 3ds,Max, Multgen-Creator, Lightwave etc

Create your model in that, texture it in that and use or write a model loader to load into your Opengl Application etc…

Vega FAQ/Samples
SceneGraph Forums

OR convert that into opengl data… theres converters out there.

But I think he wants to do it using for loops and such thing, in runtime, right?..

  • As a side question, Im loading an obj which has arround 4000 triangles, thing is… I get 10 fps or even lower, im doing many calls maybe? I call glVertex3f on every loop 3 times, and inside of them some procedures of mine which retrieves data from the structure (in where I stored the loaded data from the mesh file) … is there any better method? im not in c++ by the way

but I am not familiar with 3ds max,and I have to draw a primitive from a database.What can I do?