How can I create a fullscreen window using GLX with openGL?

How can I create a fullscreen window using GLX with openGL? If I use XCreateWindow, creates a non fullscreen …

Creating a full screen window has nothing to do with GLX specifically. Assuming your window is win, Display is dpy, and XSetWindowAttributes swa:
and then as the second to last arg to XCreateWindow add CWOverrideRedirect as one of the arguments. You may need to call
XMapRaised(dpy, win);
the other problem is that you will have to either know the resolution at which you are running, and tell the program to always make the window that size (eg 1024x768) or else you’ll have to make the program find out what resolution is being run and then pass that as your size (to XCreateWindow).

Determining your display dimensions is very easy:

Actually according to a recent thread by marcus these return the size of the virtual display.The only way I know of to get the physical screen size is to use the XF86VidMode extension which is usefull for switching resolutions as well.If you don’t want to use it(the only reason I know of for that is that you’re using some X implementation that doesn’t have it)there should still be a way but I don’t know it.

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The GLX ports of NeHe’s tutorials shows how to go fullscreen and use theXF86VidMode extension.

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