how can i control texture maps

Now I want to use several texture maps in my program .For example , I want to use sky.bmp for sky texture and window.bmp for my house windows,I bind the texture using sky.bmp when I draw the sky and then window.bmp when I draw the window . At last I find that the sky.bmp is dispeared and window.bmp is texturing in the sky . Can you tell me the reason ?

Thanks from a Chinese

Can be several reasons. Can be that you bind your sky texture directly after you uploadig it, in the initialization phase, and will never be bound again. Can be that you upload the window texture using the sky texture’s ID.

yes , i bind the sky texture in the initialization prase , and then bind it once in the start of while loop . As for window texture ,I use the diffrent variable name for these two texture ,any other reasons?

Without knowing more, it’s very dificult to say anything. Can you post the code here?