How can I browse bmp files to map texture?

now I can map texture by type in the code:
How do I create 1 button or something like that to browse any bmp files from HardDisk or CD-Rom for map texture ?

please tell me…
Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

man…i guess you are completing your class project through forums buttons are a whole different topic in opengl. they are obtained by using GLUI. glui is based on glut entirely though. u need to download glui and obtain glui32.dll and glui32.lib in a windows environment (libglui.a if its in unix/linux/irix)… download glui from the following website:

and read the manual provided… that should help you…not a 1 hr affair though…


Thanks…for your suggestion .
You’re very exellent that can guess the truth.

But all the same that is just for a button, the rest is still a long way away…