How can avoid the center point problem in Zooming as well as in Rotation..?


I displyed a 3D object in a MFC window.I try to zoom and rotate that object.I use gluLookat()for zooming,glRotate() for the gluLookAt() i give the center point x,y and z as constant value 0.
I incremented the viewPointZ variable only for zoom operation.

gluLookAt(0,0,viewPointZ, 0,0, 0,0, 1.0, 0);

Then i am zoom in/out the object using the arrow keys then, object is zooming but it zooming is based on the center point so it comes toward the monitor is right/left aligned to the window. Is any problem of center point,eye point or up vector ?

pls notify where the mistake to me ?


i didnt really understand the text of the question but normally when u ‘zoom’ u use a smaller fov eg gluPerspective( fov, aspect, near, far )
what u are doing is not ‘zooming’ but ‘moving’ the camera/viewpoint