How about ShaderEditor for Vulkan shaders ? PVRShaderEditor good solution ?

Need ShaderEditor for Vulkan shaders

If use PVRShaderEditor then how compile Vulkan shaders ?

Ideally you edit them in your IDE. There are multiple shader syntax highlighter for VS, and I have integrated a few build scripts that run them through the glslangvalidator into my build process.

As for the PVRShaderEditor, you can setup a custom compiler under Preferences->Compiler Settings. Haven’t used that, but you can provide the compiler binary (glslangvalidator) along with a custom command line.

But basically every shader editor that supports GLSL and a custom compiler should work.

I compile shader in my program using CreateProcess(L"glslangValidator.exe",L" Shaders extGl.vert -V -o “Shaders\animation2.vert” ",0,0,0,0,0,0,&startinfo,&processinfo)
Its work.
But not uncomfortably, and in editor i see errors and see output asm code. Its help-full.
I try
But not work in PVRShaderEditor

If you are compiling at runtime then try to use glslang as a lib.

otherwise you need to do proper escaping of your string:

CreateProcess(L"glslangValidator.exe",L" Shaders\	extGl.vert -V -o \"Shaders\\animation2.vert\" ",0,0,0,0,0,0,&startinfo,&processinfo)