Hot Sex! OpenGL problem just like the others...


I have a question for you wizards.

When I attempt to start JediKnightII, I get an error message that stops the program from running. It is because openGL will not initialize…

The thing is that I have had success before, with my same computer configuration. (I have a P3-800mhz, 768mbRAM with an Asus v7100magic / Nvidia GeForce2 chipset/32mb.)

Before my videocard broke, the game ran. I had to exchange my card with Asus, and since I got it back, it seems to work great except for this.

Lucasarts website has an entry regarding this problem… see here.

Of their 4 suggestions, none of their seem to work:

-I know my card is supported (it worked before)

-I got the newest drivers off both the Nvidia website and the Asus website.

-My card supports dual monitors, but I don’t use two of them… is this my problem? How to I make sure everything is disabled?

-And per their last suggestion, their ‘Analyze Your Computer’ checked everything out ok.

Here is the actual text and the error, showing openGL load, and then fail:
Initializing OpenGL driver
…getting DC: succeeded
…GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
…35 PFDs found
…GLW_ChoosePFD failed
…GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
…35 PFDs found
…GLW_ChoosePFD failed
…failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
…restoring display settings
…WARNING: could not set the given mode (3)
…shutting down QGL
…unloading OpenGL DLL
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( 1 )

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
Please Please Please Please help! :slight_smile: