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You have problems with OpenGL coding? Your Engine is ****? No problem, visit my HP and see my step by step engine tutorial and code.
The first step is aviable this night. Better for German coder, but for english too. View the OpenGL section.

i don’t want to be mean, but in a way, your page sucks!

why? because it’s full of ads and far too slow (well, i know, it’s tripod…).
finally, i can’t view it properly with my browser (opera).

nevertheless, i wish good luck, and FIX your page BEFORE sending it to a forum. PLEASE!

ummm where are Nehe’s credits, some of the code is ripped straight from his tuts.

I know he says you can do whatever you want with his code but come on ?


and Lektion1.cpp is pretty much the same as

Are you porting his tuts to German ??

Anyway I may seem nitpicking but I believe you’re using Nehe’s work and he definately deserve credit if you are. I gave up searching the reast of the site for credits cause it’s sooo slow!

oh, aparently your page suxx more, than i thought before…
FIX it. NOW!

Hey I agree with Jin
The LoadBMP fonction is exactly the same as Nehe’s
Supercoder if you used nehe’s sample this is the lamest f*cking thing I did see in my life !
“Hey look at my tutorial !” ( Nehe’s tutorial you mean ? )

Hey Evil-Dog. **** your mother. My Tuts are the best for german. I speack english! And speak you German? Ok, Sprechen wir mal auf Deutsch. Deine Mutter ist eine Dumme hurre. Ich habe mir nur den Basicode abgeschaut von Nehe. Der rest wird anders. Fick dich die dumme sau!

hahah. Supercoder ist komisch.

btw i know some german ill try my best to translate.

“Ok, we are now speaking german. Your mom is a dumb whore. I only took the basic code from nehe. The rest from others. f**k you, dumb pig.”

hey, don’t be so rude, guy… you can do this at home in germany :wink:
btw, i’ve been on that site once again, and mr supercoder wants to do some fixes soon… nevertheless, it isn’t good, but for my part, i’ll wait a while…

do you speak german(no errormessage translated), nothing explained:
// Die Perspektive. Da wo ihr hinschaut.

Translated: the perspetive, where you look (at), aha !?!

// Erklärt sich von selbst

aha selfexplaining, and if i wouldnt know this functions?!?

// Das Viereck mit Quads zeichnen.

Translated: the Quad drawn with ‘Quads’, that is a cube, and cube is in german Würfel(special cube, with all sides same size) or Prisma(mathematical), and a quad is a Viereck …

und mann muß es auch mal erklären wenn es denn vorhanden ist, nicht einfach so ein getue das man es irgendwo mal gesehen hat
(dont try to translate this, some slang …)

P.S.: UBB code is ****

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Hey thanks for the german lesson Supercoder
But the point is…you suck !
And Nehe did what you’re doing before you
And you don’t give him a damn credit for what you show to us on your site.
I don’t want to learn from a thief ! hehehe
maybe I exagerate…I never know hehehe

Have a good day !

Sleep is a waste of time

hey hey guys… keep cool!
i know supercoder and know that he has written this engine in learning opengl (with nehe too, like a lot of us… but are you crediting nehe in you games?.. remind guys…)!
so it think its normally that there are some bad explainings… in this moment he diddn’t thought that he will make this as an tutorial! and his cool threads are some for gallery
so don’t be too hard to him he was drunken as he has written this, i think
i like him nevertheless!

and his site is good for an site which is only 1 month old!!!

Yeah Evil-Dog calm down will you…oh…Evil-Dog is…ME !
sorry haha

Ok you don’t suck Supercoder but you should give Nehe the credits for the basic of what you show in your tuts !

Have a good life
I’m so kind !!! I like me !

Sleep is a waste of time


Du kannst mich mal am Arcsh lecken…

Why dont you get a life…?

Instead of flooding people with German, trying to express your testicular fortitude to become someone who doesn’t sit on his ass all day and whack off to compUSA magazines…

i just want to say that supercoder mom doesn’t have anything to see with supercoder tutorials, so, don’t insult the other’s one mothers.

Hello users. Sorry, my English isn´t very good and i didn´t understand the Threads really. Now i make the nehe Credits for the nehe basecode. And the next tutorial with better help for beginners(Easy .dmx and md2 Modell loading, Collisions and some parts of Gameplay).

Hallo Supercoder.
Ich kann mir keinen Supercoder vorstellen, der nicht mal Englisch kann. Deine Tutorials mögen die besten auf Deutsch sein, aber wenn die englischen doch besser sind, und mehr als die Hälfte der westlichen Welt englisch spricht, warum sollte man dann Deutsche Tutorials machen? Nebenbei gesagt ist der Code geklaut oder sonstwie scheiße dokumentiert.

Guys, I wouldn’t dare translating the stuff he told about somebody’s mom.

Außerdem musst du unterscheiden können, wann jemand dich beleidigt, oder wann er deine “arbeit” beleidigt.
Hure schreibt man außerdem nur mit einem r.

Und es müsste heißen: Fick Dich DU dumme Sau!

hm guys, i think all this is getting out of control. why? supercoder is going to credit nehe, and i’m sure he will.
in my opinion you rough guys don’t belong to her, cause this is a serious forum. as i said above, keep at home in germany bothering other people.
we should be happy to have guys like supercoder, who try to help others with their own knowledge. so give him a try.
btw, nehe is great, but for me it was always a great help, to look in other tutorials or forum for obtaining more information than there is at nehe’s available.
people, i would say we all leave this topic, and continue doin’ more interesting stuff, like… well, perhaps programming opengl (as i will do either).

Thanks Tolga Dalman for your kind words of peace and prosperity !
The world would have less problem if there were more people like you !
May everybody live happily !

Sleep is a waste of time