Horrible texture blur\pixelization

hey. today i discovered weird bug on radeon x700. actually, it’s not my system, but one of my testers. so, according to subject, textures are horribly blurry(if i disable filtering - horribly pixelated), when on other systems they’re ok.

More details:

OS: Win 7 x64
Driver: 10.2
Vendor: Palit(afaik)

I tried every filtering mode(i mean GL_TEXTURE_MAG\MIN_FILTER) that did not help, because most of textures are not scaled. They could be scaled, but that doesn’t affect anything. I also tried


, that didn’t help either. At current time i cannot directly access that system(maybe later), so i’m asking you, maybe someone already encountered simillar issues? And there, you think, i should dig? Is it my fault or notorious ATI drivers?

Part of screenshot he sent me. For you to know how it looks like.

Aw, silly me, it looks like blur caused by NPOT textures and enabled mipmapping(i still can use NPOT withous scaling, just by disabling GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP, right?).

why do you need mipmaps for 2d stuff ?

To make images scalable. Application GUI is fully customizable. At least, fonts are needed to be scalable. It looks like on FX series and all older cards i cannot use NPoT textures even with disabled mipmaps, right?

Standard NPoT is either unavailable or - even worse - software emulated on this kind of hardware, yes. GL_ARB_texture_rectangle should however work on at least the more recent models.

Oh thank you, that looks like the best fix possible. I didn’t knew about that extension(to be more certain, i didn’t knew what it is for) and thought about alternative render using glDrawPixels(and almost done it). According to GL Extension Viewer, GL_ARB_texture_rectangle is supported by almost every adapter.

Just be aware the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle explicitly does not support mipmap filtering. This will limit the range of scaling you can do and maintain quality.

I’ve noticed weird behavior. OpenGL reports that GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is supported by Radeon x700, but really it’s not, it doesn’t work. But on Integrated GF 6150SE it reports that GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two and GL_ARB_texture_rectangle are NOT supported, but they should be(it works just fine with NPOT textures and mipmapping and rectangle textures work too and they’re listed in GLEXViewer database for that adapter).

I just don’t get it. And how should i make it automatically determine support of those extensions. Any suggestions?

Also GF 6150 SE running under XP with 258.xx driver.