Hope khronos Group led the VR industry bigger and stronger from the voice of Chinese

Congratulations to the Khronos Group for raising the VR flag to lead the VR industry into a beautiful future. As we all know, now the VR industry, whether hardware or software fragmentation is very serious. For example, there is no optical standard optical. HMD structure design does not have a guiding standard. If you’ve been to Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen you will understand why Khronos’ work is so necessary and urgent.
Yuandian-VR is a start-up VR has two years of the company, at the beginning of the design of VR products, regardless of the optical part of the structural design, or one machine, because there is no reference standard design ideas and inspiration in addition to many Self-correcting in practice comes from Sensics and OSVR, members of Khronos. So there is no such as our entrepreneurial companies so eager to lead the VR industry like Khronos Group bigger and stronger. Truly hope that the Open VR API 1.0 proposal to every one ASAP.

Thank you very much for the positive response.

Hi Khronos Administrator. Our company will be join Khronos Group. With the signed membership agreement documents sent to the private mail to your member services team. Inform your member services team Pls. Thanks.

If you have any additional questions about membership, please feel free to contact the email address on OpenXR Overview - The Khronos Group Inc page at any time.