HOG function inquiry



I am now working on a HOG function in OpenVX.

I was trying to extract data from vx_tensor objects both vxHOGCellsNode, vxHOGFeaturesNode

but, I do not think the types implemented in kernels are correct because nothing come outs as an output but 0

In the case of conformance test, in hogcells_ref function it calculates the values itself and at the end of it, I tried to print data, but nothing comes out but 0.

I think this is an casting error, It stores data as vx_int16 and tries to access it with vx_float32,

I tried to access data of the output of vxHOGFeaturesNode with vx_int16, of course 0 comes out for all pixels.

I am now wondering why this happens, am I doing anything wrong? or implementation of HOG function should have been developed with vx_float ?

Thank you in advance