Hmmm i have an OpenGL question !!

Hi and thanx for reading,

Now im a little new to this so bear with me

A few days ago a friend and me were talking and he just out of the blue said what 3d acceleration do you use, Direct3D or OpenGL. I said Direct3D and he said you should use OpenGL its better after that i didnt think much of it.

But over the last few days ive been thinking and wanted to try it.

Now heres my question, i have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro gfx card and in its properties it has a menu for Direct3D and OpenGL to set the level of performance and such. Now is it possible to set your card to play games exclusively in OpenGL? and if so how do you set your card to do that?, or is it a case of it depends on the game you are playing and the card automatically changes dependant on what the game supports? and if thats the case how do you know which one you are in? (OpenGL or Direct3D)

Im sorry if this is a stupid question but its just something ive been thinking about for a while.

Thanks for your help


As you already said, it depends on the game.

Some games only support DirectX, others support DirectX and OpenGL (and you can choose between them inside the game) and the best games support OpenGL only.

Hope that helps.

yeah thanx alot…that helps