HL BSP but this time OpenGL too!

Well this time nobody can tell me nothing since the HL BSP question is connected with OpenGL.Some of the textures that need to be blended have BLUE color as background.Can some one tell be what combination of blend functions must i use in order to blend the *****’ BLUE color.I have something in mind.In the WAD loader the convert the pure blue(0,255,0) color of each texture than must be blended to black(0,0,0) and then i’ll use default blending.If anybody can help than do it now.

Thanks and bye!


It’s better to add the alpha component, set alpha=0 at the blue texels, and elsewhere alpha=1. Then it’s easy to do blending based on the alpha values.


10x a lot.I was thinking about that too but i’ll have to change some code at the WAD loader.And can you tell me what do you think of the WAD files.Can they be usefull for me???