I am trying to figure out how to hitTest an OBJ object.

Uhm wow maybe once you’ve taken precalc you can figure it out. Because your only in algebra its difficult to explain the complexities of hit testing polygon surfaces. And yes, I am sitting two seats down from you.

the only advice I can give you is to use hittest.h (not really in existance) or to gank some code from source forge because frankly you arn’t going to be able to do it… Use sphere hit testing by just doing a 3d distance request… very simple.

Oh, shut up, I’m sure I’ll be able to do it Jeff.

Can anyone help me or not???

Loop trough all OBJ polys and test if you have a collision between you and the object.

For collision test, I use the program “Collision wetween a line and a poly” in my engine and it works well :

I’ve never tryed to test collision wit a OBJ file but, I think that’s possible and easily.