Histogram Rendering

Is there a way that I can find out the plotted XY location of a pixel on the screen before plotting it? E.G. I want to plot this point: glVertex3f(14.5f, 32.5f, 2.543f) and I would like to know where on the glCanvas it will be drawn

My goal is to create a histogram image that increases the brightness of a pixel every time that specific pixel is ‘hit’ when drawing from an array of 10000 or so vertexs

something like: glVertex(x, y, z).GetCanvasXY(); is what I want, well at least you get the point

If this is possible it would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me

  • Thank You in Advanced!

To get the screen coordinate of the position of a vertex, call gluProject. The value you want are WinX WinY. WinZ is the value of the depth buffer.