High level APIs alternatives

Hi all,

I’m sure this topic would be interested for all newbies in 3D and will help to select an API for the specific needs. There are many threads talk about some libraries, but they are old, incomplete and inaccurate for today; as well as requirements for 3D libraries have changed.

From my research, I found several libraries (open source and commercial) which would like discuss (please, feel free to add your library to the list):

Open source

[li]Open Inventor (FEI)[/li][li]HOOPS Visualize[/li][/ul]

My requirements:
[li]visualization performance[/li][li]multi-channel support[/li][li]very large volume support[/li][li]oblique slices[/li][/ul]

I suspect, commercial APIs are most powerful, but I’m interest in the open source alternatives. Any suggestions?