high FPS

i constructed a simple FPS counter, it shows that my app runs at about 1200 FPS when i draw actaully no geometry and at about 500 FPS when i draw some simple mesh with 1 light. i’ve read somwhere that the number of FPS in opengl is limited by monitor refresh rates, so is my counter ok in showing me such high number of FPS?

Well if v-sync is off the program will be able to run much faster than the monitor refreshrate.
Though, the actual shown image on the monitor will not update any faster.

If v-sync is on then the swapbuffer command will wait to refresh the screen when the image starts redrawing, thus resulting in the framerate that is equal to the montior refreshrate, it also results in lower CPU usage as a “nasty” sideeffect.

But don’t worry, by showing the maximum possible fps (no v-sync) you will be able to tune the program preformance more effectivly.