hidi ho

hello everyone,
im sure your all fascinated to know that i have just installed XP PRO (UPGRADE VER)i have a duron 800mhz with 256ram and a tnt2 64 pro.ie 32mb…“ohhh my god its full of stars”
no seriously my machine now flies because of XP and is as stable as a rock. after installation q3a/halflife/opengl based programs did not work, however after re-installing the software that came with my TNT
everything seems to be working fine…
except and this seems to be an opengl bug or some **** when i load some programs with opengl the brightness is unchangeable (in quake2/q3a/unrealtourney/and some others)within the program and often at times to dark to see anything. this was the case before XP and after…is there something wrong with my video card…also i am fairly happy with the framerates and performance from my BUDGET VIDEO CARD. generally about 35fp3,which is fast enough for non-skip action. what is the advantage of say having a geforce 2mx or 3 ??? can someone help me
p.s most of my old ms-dos based games do not run in WIN XP ???like quake1 duke3d doom2 hexen2 ect …but who cares i dont play them very often and my performance boost from WIN XP is nothing short of astounding…i think they can run im just too stupid to figure it out…!! REALLY HELP