hide openGL window

hello i have not found this in any of the books i have and im sure there is something for it out there. is there anyway to hide/get rid of an openGL window. i have a program that i am writting and i have options to display a certain window and then i also need to have the option to take it away. is there any command in glut or openGL that can do this for me?

any help is greatly appreciated.

You can use glutDestroyWindow(int win), where “win” is a handle for the window to be destroyed, returned by the call to glutCreateWindow.

thanks i think that will work…i was just hoping i wouldnt have to reconpute the whole thing each time it is “destroyed” and re created.

i guess i could save the display settings but that would probable take a while to read in every bit color/postition


Its been said in the advanced board already:

void glutShowWindow(void);
void glutHideWindow(void);
void glutIconifyWindow(void);