Hi new and really need help with 3-d dynamic graphics and getting images from web

I am new to the site so I will tell you a bit about myself. My name is Morgan and I am a student at NYU. I have chosen the production track of a New Media course I am taking which allows us to create any type new media that somehow represents central issues and themes of the course. I have decided to make a 3d environment comprised of cubes where each cube represents a website and the size of each cube is determined by the amount of web traffic each website is receiving at that time and the first available image from each site is placed inside the cube. Therefore the architecture will be consistently updating. I am totally new to programming(know a bit of java) and I was hoping someone could help. I need to know if its possible to do such a thing in openGL. I also need help with setting up the visuals and writing the programs that grab data from websites and then update the visual space. Any help or suggestion are very much appreciated. Please help. Anyone interested in collaborating? I have an illustrator mock up of what I am trying to do if you are interested in seeing it. Thank you so much.

I couldnt understand what you wanted to say, but i guess i can help you. I know java, if you wanna write your applicition in it, but i suggest that you should use C++, but maybe that will make some problems in network analising. Please try tell more about your wants and how your going with the source.