Hey... newbie question...


I have a couple of questions regarding OpenGL… first off… is OpenGL only for 3D or can I draw 2D with it as well???
If so, do you got any good tuts or such that will explain it???
Can it manipulate pixels and such… so if you got like a white picture you can change every other pixel to red?

I’m trying to do a kind of “paint” like program… where you can import pictures and change them. But I also want to be able to draw stuff, that is editable later on, i.e. not draw pixels right away!

I’m using Linux and got a GeForce2MX card… what libs do I need to download??

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You can do all what you said with OpenGL. It features sub-pixel accuracy. And you can work even with pixels.
Plus, you can rotate the pics, let go waves over them. Let them burn down. …


How come you want to use OpenGL for a paint program. Can’t that be done with plain C++ and maybe some tricks or two? Not sure, I haven’t tried but look into that, it could be easier

Well using OGL for a paint prog is not necessarily a bad idea : for he will find some OGL features , like transparency,accum buffer and convolution filters, very useful to achieve some effects.