Hercules 3dProphet 4500 Problems

AMD Thunderbird 1.3 GHz
550 W Powersupply
512 MB DDR
Soyo Dragon Plus Motherboard
Hercules 3d Prophet 4500 64MB KyroII Vidoecard
Windows XP Professional

I have installed the most recent drivers from the Hercules website. When I run Battlefield 1942, it will run for a given amount of time, between 5 and 10 minutes before freezing. All it shows is about 2 ‘frames’ and repeats those 2 ‘frames’. Luckily I can Alt+Tab out and shut it down with Task Manager. I have read on some forums that the original drivers that came on the cd with the card are better than the updated ones. I have gone into my Bios and tried just about everything. I’ve got SP1 installed too. I need help!

Since that board isn’t mainstream, it’s hard to say.

It could be specific to BF1942.

You may want to contact your card manufacterer or the makers of BF1942. In either case, good luck!

BF1942 is a DirectX game not an OpenGL game.

I believe BF1942 requires hardware T&L and the Kyro2 only emulates those in software, so I would say that the game doesnt support your card.