Ok so im new to this whole opengl thing. I didnt even know about it untill a few days ago when i tried to play Medal Of Honor, but it didnt load because it said that it couldnt find the opengl. The game had been working for months then all of a sudden this happens. I dont know what to do or how to fix it. I have a Radeon 9200.

  • try to uninstall then reinstall video card drivers (catalyst) from ATI website.
  • check if you recently install matlab, I’ve heard that it can force software OpenGL (not good for games)
  • … other strange driver problem.

got to , download and run GLInfo, then post what it says about GL version/renderer/vendor etc.

Thanks for helping me out man, i downloaded catalyst and everything works just fine now. Thanks again.

Hi, I have the same problem here… I got NVIDIA GeForce 8600 video card, and I’m sure that OpenGL is enabled… I’ve changed the 3d settings from NVIDIA Control Panel, I checked via a program that OpenGl is enabled, but…

When I start the game, after the video settings, it cannot reload, I have a message “Could not find OpenGL subsystem”…

With my previous video card, I could easily find the OpenGl settings, and I had no problem… But now, I’m sure OpenGL settings are OK, but I can’t open the game…

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