selection buffer doesn’t allow you to move objects around the scene does it? I think that would be ‘picking’ - any one have code for this - also would I need to implement selection as well for this to work?
I have a scene with a few objects -
I’ve got a drawCube function which stores the code for the cube and this can be passed values when called - while implementing the selection buffer I used drawCube(GLenum mode) and called the drawCube function in there - will this work?

Yes, selection buffer doesn’t allow you to move things on the screen. If you want to move objects all you have to do is set the rendering mode glRenderMode(GL_RENDER). If you want to see what objects are in a selected are you call glRenderMode(GL_SELECT) and the scene is rendered to a back buufer and the objects are pushed in a stack.
Yes the method will work if you specify GL_RENDER as a parameter so yuo paint in the framebuffer.


Do you know have any sample demos with selection and picking implemented?