please help me with the following.

i have created a vertex file which consists something similar to this below…

V -499620.0, -501470.0, 0
V 500380.0, -501470.0, 0
V -499620.0, 498530.0, 0
V 500380.0, 498530.0, 0
… etc etc

which i wrote with the function “loadvtx” to draw out the 2D map i have in mind.

>> in drawscene()…

loadvtx(“data/sin1.vtx”, DPYLIST_MAP);

>>function declaration…
void loadvtx (char* fname, unsigned int listIdx)

but it can’t seem to work ???

Scale down your vertices. 500000 is too damn big!
And without the rest of your code we cant help as it can be anything.