I have two cylinders. One outside of the other, rotating around it so that the first cylinder is within the radius of the second with the second rotating around it. This is fine on a computer at school but when I bring it home then it’s all messed up and it looks like the inside cylinder is either overlapping the outside cylinder or that you can see through the outside cylinder.

Has something like this happened to anybody else and if so how did you fix it? I don’t want to have to change all my drawings if I don’t have to.


Sort of sounds like you may be seeing z-fighting on your machine. Try running the program while your display is set to 32 bit color (32 bit color because some video cards switch to a 24 bit depth buffer instead of a 16 bit depth buffer when in 16 bit color mode).

Or if that one doesn’t work, place your near clipping further away.

Thanks to both of you guys. I was already running at 32bit color but when I changed the near clipping it worked fine. Is there a reason for this?

The wider the range between zNear & zFar, the more unprecise depth buffer is.So if you do not have a good display card,try to push the zNear as far as possible and pull the zFar as close as possible.