Help with this issue?

Here is my issue. I’m tesselating complex, self intersection, multicontour polygons with hundreds of verticies. The GLU Tesselator crashes with null pointer 0x0000000 issue. It never ever crashes when I do not make self intersecting polygons. If it does not intersect, it will never crash no matter what the circumstances. I check for NULL EVERYWHERE in my application, I’m sure it’s not on my side of things. I found an old version of GLU 1.2 from SGI and it never crashes, however the mesa and Windows versions based on GLU 1.3 both crash. Nothing crashes in debug mode strangely enough. To get more information I compiled Mesa’s GLU and saw that first an assert fails, then if I comment that out, there is a pointer which is set to NULL from a function which fails to malloc. I’m very unsure at this point what to do. What could I do to try to solve this issue? Should I just try to make a version of Mesa’s GLU which works for me? I’m just unsure how to proceed from here.

*It randomly crashes when it’s self intersecting & I have a combine callback

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