Help with the textures

Hi, I have drawn some figure & now I have to load some .bmp image & put that image on the surface of my figure. I really don’t know how to do that :((((. I searched for some examples but most of all (at least the ones that were clear to me :smiley: ) were with the use of GlAux library, but I do use Glut … Basically I don’t know how to load my image into memory (they use “auxDIBImageLoad”) … Please give me some link where I could find some complete example …

The code on these pages describe how to load bmps using the methods that use GlAux without actually needing GlAux.
Doesn’t mean you should however, you should be using tga files they are way nicer for OpenGL.

Thanks a lot, I included the 2 files in my project & everything worked fine :smiley: