Help with text exhibition

I utilize code below to show text in the screen:
sprintf(texto, “Botao pressionado )”, 50, 76);
To put as is possible to determine the cordenads ones where the
text will go to appear and the size and color of the font?
Exist other commands for the exibition of texts in the C++?

To use color you can put this line before your write-function

 glColor3f(r, g, b); 

to display text you can also use many different way, such as bitmap font, windows font (using win32), ext. lib, etc etc…

check NeHe web page out, there is a lot of tutorials to display text using fonts or not !

hope that helps


i’m using bitmap font 'cause it’s better than specific-lib text generation, such as win32 (because if you want to port your code it’s not easy to rewrite entire framework :s )