Help with shaders and textures

Hi, I’m rather new to OpenGL and Shader Languages but I need a bit of help for a project I’m doing at the moment.

At the moment I have a pyramid with four textures of a city on the sides (from 4 viewpoints). I have the depth images saved to disk and from the ‘preprocessor’ code from the Cone Step Mapping paper, I have produced the step-map images. I have also saved the fragment shader code from the same paper.

However I am unsure how to use the shader. I have successfully compiled and loaded the shader file but I don’t know how to reference it to the textures, so that when I move the pyramid I get parallax effects.

I notice that the shader file has two texture references:
uniform sampler2D stepmap;
uniform sampler2D texmap;

I currently have the step map saved to disk (and not sure how to use it) and I have the texture files applied to the side of a pyramid.

Any guidance on how to proceed would be very much appreciated

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